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- ‎“Housing Facade Predicaments in Emerging Metropolises”, E. S. Mashhadi

ZEMCH 2013 International Conference Proceeding, Miami, USA Oct, 2013


ZEMCH 2013 International Conference

Housing Facade Predicaments in Emerging Metropolises



Rapid urbanization, empowered by emerging technologies and instigated by the market economy’s coercions, has transformed many historic cities into an unfathomable phenomenon, called the “Emerging Metropolis”. Characterized by rapid changes, overwhelming growth, and inherent anarchy, these contemporary permutations urge architecture to respond accordingly. As a corollary, cityscapes all around the globe - disturbed by the multiplicity and the simultaneity of all competing interests - have lost their integrity and harmony. Yielding to the mercenary demands of the market, each building opportunistically, competes to be as captivating as possible.

As the most unmediated layer of communication, facades have become the theaters of such degenerated battles. They no longer contribute to the collective formation of streets. Rodolfo Machado’s “The City of Disrespectful Objects” sketches outs similar concepts in Hudson city in the 1980’s.

“It is rather a city of profitable building making, the city of fast erection of buildings that are rarely the product of architectural thinking or of well-rooted vernaculars, but are instead the by-product of what is still a conceptually hybrid practice, a practice of loose morals and dubious means that might, sadly, in the end replace architecture.”



Housing Façade Predicaments in Emerging Metropolises from UM School of Architecture on Vimeo.