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Somaye Sariri

Somaye Sariri

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Somayeh Sariri was born on 16 February 1988 in Mashhad-Iran.
She Has been fascinated by the Painting as an art since she was 
a child. in 2001 she developed her work as a professional in 
painting and calligraphy as well professionally .

in 2010 she graduated from Azad University Of Mashhad in 
Architecture. Also she started working as exterior and interior 
designer in some different architecture companies as a career.

lots of her paintings works got an element of deep personal 
reflection of her own. The main concern of some of her works 
refer to women in the third world and related to identity of 

Publishing and Articles:
-“Ricardo Legorreta- Architecture comes back to happiness” 
Authors and Translation: Jafar Arabi, Somaye Sariri- Kasra 
Publication- Iran-2013
-“Syndication shrines and cities, the most important factor for 
the sustainable development of cities -Case Study: Mashhad”. 
Authors: Somaye Sariri, Atefe sariri -8th Symposium of 
advances in science and technology.2012
- “Shrines, the main symbol of Islamic city” ,Author: Atefe 
Sariri, Somaye sariri, National Conference on Urban Design & 
Iranian - Islamic Architecture (nciaud), 2012  

Teaching experience:
-Light And Color In interior Design- MOHANDESAN 
University of mashhad-2013
-Painting and Drawing tutor

-2010 –Solo exhibition of Watercolor in Soroush Gallery- 
(Name: outside the mirror)
-2012- Solo Exhibition and workshop in Museum of 
Anthropology- Mashhad
-2014- Solo exhibition Of Painting- Artin Gallery- Mashhad


-Auto cad, 3Dmax, Vray-3Dmax, Photoshop, Rhino, 
Microsoft office, in-design 

-Painting By Oil and color- Watercolor– pencil color 

Professional Experience:
Collaboration With Architecture companies:
- Mohammad Raouf & associate : 
“Mojhaye khorooshan” Water park
“SANABAD” official building-interior Design
- AC form companie:
“SINOOR” Hotel
“Oxin” commercial
Residential building